We genuinely care about helping business owners to speak up and be heard through PR, communications and brand strategy and our training solutions are designed to help you do just that, on your terms.


If you're like most small and medium sized businesses, you won't have an in-house marketing and communications function. If you do, they are at a junior level and more focused on implementation i.e. managing the social media and are lacking strategic senior guidance to ensure the activity is meeting your business' objectives.

You may have dipped your toe in with a PR/Marketing/Comms agency in the past, but initial results probably weren't convincing of the value of the investment, and you jumped out again, which is understandable, but a shame, because the value of PR - and all marketing and communications for that matter- is seen in consistency.

We can help you achieve sustainable results through the model below that suits you best. To find out more, please contact us.

customised workshops

Customised in-house training programs, helping you to unpack your PR, marketing and communications needs and understand how to create the necessary change.

online courses

Coming soon.