As a business owner, you’re expected to wear many hats, but  just as you’re likely to have an accountant for your finances, it can also prove efficient and very effective for your business growth to enlist the expertise of a specialist marketing mentor.

Your business needs are unique so there is no one-size-fits all approach here. 


But what you will find is a logical sequence of activity, shown below, to set up your business for success. You may already have done some of the work and that’s great if you have!


When we first start working together we’ll determine at which stage you are and what should come next.


You can’t tell your story with the world if you don’t know what it is.

First we start by building the foundations of your brand: your target market personas, your unique value proposition, your values, your story and your personality.

We will use worksheets, questionnaires and other proven templates to get to the heart of your brand.

With a solid brand in place, we can now determine how we’re going to get the message out to the world.


We will work together to determine the strategic priorities of your owned (e.g. website and blog), earned (i.e. public relations), bought (i.e. paid social media and other advertising), and organic social media.

We can also provide specialist expertise about Search Engine Marketing, in-bound marketing and email marketing.

If you require it, we can then be on hand to assist with implementation of any or all your marketing strategy, whether that be copywriting or proof-reading, media relations, developing the website, managing your other marketing partners or something else.

We can continue to work together in a Marketing Mentor capacity, or for consulting work, where our team undertakes the work on your behalf, hourly rates start at $120 p/h.

Now with an understanding of what your business stands for and why, we can consider what reactions it should evoke in your target market and the type of brand name that will best suit your business.


We then get to the fun part- brainstorming suitable names!


Echomakers will provide a short-list of recommendations.

 for your final review and selection.

We can then bring your brand to life through the creation of a logo, colour palette and typefaces.


We can also provide a brand guideline document that shows you how to use each of these elements for consistency in your marketing materials.

Please note that as we enlist a professional graphic designer to bring the brand strategy to life through the brand's visual identity, their time will be quoted for separately.


Brand Strategy


Brand Name


Visual Identity


Marketing Strategy





A one-off session

A one-off session can be useful to tackle a particular item of activity.


You might be seeking advice on how to get into the media, or how to get found on Google.


Or maybe you've written a document - a media release or a marketing plan or something else - and would like a fresh perspective.

Just send us some information ahead of the session with what you'd like to achieve and some background information, and we will be ready to discuss.


The set up for success program is ideal for two types of businesses:


1) Those just starting out who would like to create effective brand foundations and understand how to launch their brand to the world.

In which case, typically this package will cover Phases 1-3.

2) Businesses with a project they would like support with such as an integrated marketing strategy and implementation.

In addition to the Marketing Mentor sessions, this package includes up to 6 hours of email support.


Speak Up, Be Heard, is for businesses who require ongoing marketing support.

The Marketing Mentor program is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses who do not have an internal resource or agency partner.

In addition to drawing on their own expertise, your dedicated Marketing Mentor can connect you with experts from various disciplines such as Search Engine Marketing and Website Development.

In addition to 12 sessions for the price of 10, you will receive up to 12 hours of email and/or phone support.

12 sessions + email/phone support

6 sessions + email support


“I’m an academic and have a certain expertise in a particular area and I had a lot of enthusiasm to package that up and sell it online.

"But I didn’t have any idea about how to market such a thing, and it wasn’t until I started working with Jules that she very patiently, pragmatically and very respectfully taught me the fundamentals of all the theories, skills and knowledge I needed to do my marketing successfully.”


- Dr Torna Pitman, academic, practitioner and entrepreneur

What is a Marketing Mentor?

A marketing mentor is designed to set up your business for success by helping you to speak up and to be heard by those who matter – your target customers. 

Why a mentor and not a coach?

By asking considered questions, a coach helps someone work through a problem to elicit the answer from themselves.

A mentor on the other hand, while still uncovering and distilling important insights from the mentee, also provides guidance from her own area of expertise.

Who is it for?

The Marketing Mentor is ideal for sole traders and micro businesses of 1-5 employees.


We find that many of our clients are in the start-up phase, when the business owner is getting their new venture up and running before going to market.

The Marketing Mentor program also has immense value for established micro small business owners as it provides access to honest, valuable marketing insight across many disciplines, which is traditionally the domain of marketing agencies and is typically cost prohibitive for such small businesses.




Not sure which package is right for you?


We'd love you to get in touch for an obligation-free chat where we can get to know you and your business a little and help to guide you on the right track.

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